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This video is a great example of the power of belief.  We repsond not to what is true, but to what we believe to be true.


The Future of How We Make a Living


Alvin Toffler outlined three basic ages in human economic history.

The first wave was the Agricultural Wave.  At that time folks stayed close to home, grew their own food and bartered with their extended family and neighbors for other goods and services.

The second wave is the Industrial Wave.  We are riding the end of this wave.  With the invention of the steam engine and mass production, we left our homes and moved into workplaces outside our home.  We invented the “job”.  We took on a way of thinking that has us dependent on someone else for what we will have and how we will spend our time.

We aren’t considered worthy if we don’t have the diploma or the experience.  We feel we have to convince our boss to give us more money.   We accept that we will get only a few weeks a year to spend doing what we would like to do.

In many ways the second wave moved us forward in our development and created the tools for us to begin the Third wave.

The third wave is the information age.  Due to advances in communication through television and the internet we can not only learn anything we need to know, we can connect with people from all over the world.

Add to that advances in transportation technology and we can go most anywhere in the world we want to.

He predicted that in this age we would be able to take the base of our sustenance back home and that we would engage in a global village.

It is helpful to look at things from an historical viewpoint.

The world is rapidly transforming and, as a result, we are entering a new era in human history.  Part of that is a revolution in the context and structure of how we make a living.

A job is an exchange of time for money.  We live in “job consciousness”.  This consciousness is beginning to be transformed

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Elder Care in America


Tomorrow is September 18, 2013 – what would have been Mom and Dad’s 65th Wedding Anniversary.  This is the first year that they are gone.


I just completed a five year project to care for my parents in their own home. During this time they became completely dependent on care from someone else.

I have to tell you this was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my entire life because my life totally stopped.  I moved out of my own place and moved into my parents house because I am a nurse and I promised my Dad that he would be able to stay in his home until he died.

Each year became gradually more demanding with the last two being totally consumed in their care.  I could not leave them alone and provided this care 24/7 day after day after day.

I’m glad I did it though because something wonderful happened to me in my own internal world.  People spend years in psychotherapy investigating their relationship with their parents to understand what belief systems they have developed and how to shift out of beliefs that are dis-empowering.

When I took care of my parents the roles became reversed.  Now I was the parent, feeding them, changing their diapers, giving them baths and tucking them into bed at night.  I scolded them for not eating their dinner and sat next to them holding hands.

Something significant happened for me.  I could clearly see which belief structures I was taught and I saw which ones I would keep and which ones I would discard.  The good thing is that it is perfectly clear to me and I have NO unresolved issues with my parents.

Really, life has this built into it and the majority of us in the West miss this opportunity. This experience is a significant life experience like going through puberty.  It changes everything.

Mom would scold me all the time and tell me how I was doing it all wrong.  At one point she couldn’t lift her arms so she asked to take her hand and form it into a fist – and punch myself in the face!  Then, at night she would say “Come over here!” lying in her bed and she’d say “Bend down here…..”  Then she would whisper “I love you but don’t tell anyone!”

Dad and I were partners during the last year of Mom’s life.  I would get her up in the afternoon so they could cuddle on the couch for a few hours and that was their favorite time of the day.

I’m sure many of you had or have parents that were separated or fought a lot but my parents were partners for 63 years always loving each other and giving all of their focus to their children.  They were simple people but they excelled in spiritual wisdom. It was beautiful to see that loving relationship last from youth to the last drops of physical energy left their bodies.

The year after Mom died before Dad died we prayed every night and he would hobble over to her urn and bless it with the holy water and then bless me with the holy water and pray for me.

Such intimacy is uncommon and any arguments my Dad and I had in our lives was dissolved in a blissful miracle of deep Father and Son love.

I was a midwife to my parents birth into the spiritual realm.  The hard part is that there is no smiling baby to cheer up the pains of childbirth – there is only the knowing.

When Mom died the lights in the house dimmed, when Dad died they went out.

Now, it’s up to me to light some candles.

Love your parents and take care of them.

Don’t give them to the care of strangers unless you want to give away the blessing of that time.

If you can’t take care of them yourself then be there every day and hold their hand. Even in dementia a human being is still there.  A person is the same person even if they lose a limb – they are also the same person when they lose the ability to articulate words. To communicate with a person with dementia touch is the most powerful tool.  Hold them, kiss them and talk to them like you know they can hear you – and they will.

For many photos and videos visit their website at


ps, if you are caring for your parents in their old age, check out the links on this post for an introduction to a way that you may be able to use to make money while caring for them.

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